Friday, March 19, 2010

Tosho-Con Schedule of Events

Main Entrance

9:00 am Registration, Weapon Check-In

Children's Program Room

10:00 am Viewers choice starts

3:30 pm Viewers choice ends

Court Yard

10:00am Photo Op

11:00 am Pizza by Joto's

11:30am Martial arts Demonstration By OOM YUNG DOE

12:00 pm Karaoke

Jenkins Room C

9:30 am Opening Ceremony

10:00 am Panel 1 – How To draw anime with Lora Humphrey

10:30am Panel 2 – Learn Japanese with AnnMarie Flora

11:00 am Panel 3- Anime anonymous

11:45 am Panel 4- Japanese fashion

1:00 pm Costume contest

2:30 pm Contest Winners Announcement

2:45 pm Cosplay Contests

3:45 pm Contest Winners Announcement

4:00 pm Ending ceremony

Jenkins Room B

10:00 am Paul Stonebridge Tour of Japan Part 1

11:00 am Paul Stonebridge Tour of Japan Part 2

12:00 pm Pulling Strings Production

Jenkins Room A

10:00 am Gaming room opens

10:00 am Registration for Tournaments

10:00AM Guest Speaker- “We The Gamers” with Jesse Collins

10:00 am Free Play (PS2 &XBOX)

10:30 am Super Smash Brothers Brawl Tournament Starts

11:45AM Naruto Shippuden- clash of ninja revolution 3 Tournament Starts

3:00 pm Free Play Ends


10:00 am Vendors Hall opens

4:30 pm Vendors hall closes

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