Friday, March 19, 2010

Tosho-Con Schedule of Events

Main Entrance

9:00 am Registration, Weapon Check-In

Children's Program Room

10:00 am Viewers choice starts

3:30 pm Viewers choice ends

Court Yard

10:00am Photo Op

11:00 am Pizza by Joto's

11:30am Martial arts Demonstration By OOM YUNG DOE

12:00 pm Karaoke

Jenkins Room C

9:30 am Opening Ceremony

10:00 am Panel 1 – How To draw anime with Lora Humphrey

10:30am Panel 2 – Learn Japanese with AnnMarie Flora

11:00 am Panel 3- Anime anonymous

11:45 am Panel 4- Japanese fashion

1:00 pm Costume contest

2:30 pm Contest Winners Announcement

2:45 pm Cosplay Contests

3:45 pm Contest Winners Announcement

4:00 pm Ending ceremony

Jenkins Room B

10:00 am Paul Stonebridge Tour of Japan Part 1

11:00 am Paul Stonebridge Tour of Japan Part 2

12:00 pm Pulling Strings Production

Jenkins Room A

10:00 am Gaming room opens

10:00 am Registration for Tournaments

10:00AM Guest Speaker- “We The Gamers” with Jesse Collins

10:00 am Free Play (PS2 &XBOX)

10:30 am Super Smash Brothers Brawl Tournament Starts

11:45AM Naruto Shippuden- clash of ninja revolution 3 Tournament Starts

3:00 pm Free Play Ends


10:00 am Vendors Hall opens

4:30 pm Vendors hall closes

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

We're making Chain Maille!

On Tuesday, April 20th, we will be making chain maille jewelry. Teens will be provides with the materials and instructions to create different styles of chain maille they can wear or give as a gift. We will also discuss a brief history of chain maille and it's evolution through time. Space is limited. Please sign up in the teen room, or call 727-587-6715 ext 2531 to reserve your spot. A contact number or email is required.
Ask to see our display sample necklace in the teen room!